Professional film studio Amsterdam

Studio 8 is a rent film studio in Amsterdam. The film studio is equipped with an eggshell limbo wich includes the sidewalls and the ceiling. The studio is therefore suitable for car shoots. Because of the 360gr eggshell limbo you can work very flexible with the camera. A lot of dance films and video clips are made in studio 8.


The limbo platform is 49 feet deep, 33 feet wide and 19 feet high the whole film studio is 65 feet deep.


The studio is situated in the west of Amsterdam Center 10 minutes with bus 22 from Amsterdam central station and 20 minutes from Amsterdam airport. Studio 8 can be hired for a minimal of 5 hours. The studio has an entresol which overlooks the studio floor and on which you have mirrors and a place for make-up, styling and lunch. You can have an option for the rental of the film studio without obligation. So we can keep you informed about the availability of the film studio.


This film studio Amsterdam has its own light equipment for rent. We have Arri and kino flo as well as tri-pods, C-stands a wind-up and a boom. We work with the best rental agencies for camera, light equipment, assistance and locations. We can provide you with everything you need for a professional shoot. You are always the only tender in the studio so you can work in private.


Amsterdam is the center of Dutch film industry so the film business and the people who work in it are very professional. Rental of film studio in Amsterdam, the people and agency’s you may need, are close by and for reasonable prices compared to the rest of Europe.
Studio 8 - film studio Amsterdam

Rent film studio Amsterdam


The film studio is founded and rented out by Geek and Yvonne who own this studio for 20 years successfully now and who are very experienced in what a film production needs and who are close by if you need something done quickly.


Our film studio in Amsterdam opens with your private code so you can get in and out whenever you want. For the gourmands among us we work with fine catering and there are a couple of good restaurants on walk distance in the beautiful Westerpark (city park). Normally there are enough (paid) parking spaces around the studio. There is a Qpark around the corner.

studio 8 - film studio Amsterdam

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This website provides you with the most basic information you need but if you have more questions don’t hesitate to call us. Studio 8 has excellent contacts for the rental of film equipment. So if you need a state of the art camera or photographic studio effects we get you in contact with the right people. Clients of studio 8 are often television producers, they like to rent the film studio in Amsterdam because it is easy to reach for crew and actors. You can enter studio 8 with a car so for still life film or for fashion photography ideal for loading and unloading trucks. In the kitchen of studio 8 you will find a Boretti stove, magnetron, dishwasher and a refrigerator. For coffee there is a nespresso machine.


I would say: Studio 8 rental for film and photography in Amsterdam check it out….


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