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Studio 8 Amsterdam studio rent is a Photo studio rental company in Amsterdam-Centre-West.

360º Eggshell Limbo

Studio 8 Rental has a 360° round inner surface that goes on endlessly in walls, ceiling and floor. It is the only studio of this size in Amsterdam with a limbo across its full width, depth and height, without interruptions and without seams. This limbo that stops nowhere, sees to it that you can create any light you want. With only one lamp you create ‘a beautifully soft and natural light within the egg’.

The endless room without corners is especially suited to make special camera movements while filming. And it is ideal for car photography. With fashion productions you can easily work on several sets at the same time. We can also attach a greenscreen of 5m high 6m wide 8m deep.

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Studio specifications

250 m² studio

Eggshell limbo 360°

10x15 m limbo platform

10x20 m total

Height 5.5 m

Entresol 45 m²

Make-up & styling facilities

Professional kitchen

Film- and flashlight

Drive-in: 3x4 m

Electricity 5x 32A CEE

Key free - entrance by means of code

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Eggshell limbo 360°

Professional kitchen



A-location in Amsterdam

Drive-in: 3×4 m

Studio 8 Amsterdam

Studio 8 Amsterdam studio rental is a Photo studio rental company in Amsterdam-centre-west, 5 minutes from the ring road A10 and round the corner of the multimedia Westerpark area. In this neighbourhood many photographers and film makers rent photo studios for film -, video – and photo shoots.

For students and free work we have special prices.

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“Rent a photo studio in Amsterdam is what you do at Studio 8 rental.